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Local Government and Housing

The future of local government, housing, and land use regulation.

evidence-based research

New public policy ideas have never been more necessary or more needed. We believe this needs to be implemented through empirical, practical, gradual reform steeped in evidence-based research. If you think you can help us, join and reach out.

member essay contributions

All our essays are produced by members, or in conjunction with policy experts, who can help develop and promote new ideas to influence the climate of political opinion. We are seeking contributions from those with expertise, experience and a passion for finding solution to these policy areas.

About US


The mission of the Local Government and Housing member policy network is to help members share their views on how to create a more fair and just society through Fabianism.

We hold the belief that radical long-term goals are best advanced through empirical, practical, gradual reform.

It is through applying these beliefs to the biggest challenges facing local government, housing and land use regulation that we feel we can reduce inequality for all.

Local Government

Local government is responsible for a number of vital services for both business and people across a range of tiers of authority. These include, but are not limited to; social care, schools, housing and planning, and waste collection.


We advocate for policies that result in inclusive, abundant, affordable housing along with sustainable communities across the United Kingdom. We are pro-housing and are truly passionate about the buildings in which we live.

Land Use

The vast majority of municipalities in the United Kingdom regulate land use and development in their area. We seek to understand and review empirical literature on the economic and climate change effects of land use regulations.



We are a Fabian Society Members Policy Group discussing the future of Local Government, Housing, and Land Use Regulation.

Our Advisory Panel includes Abdi Mohamed, Abdi Duale, Anthony Breach, Anya Martin, Cllr Asma Islam, Cllr Sharon Thompson, Cllr Thomas Frederick Robinson, and Unmesh Desai AM.

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If you want to help bridge the gap between academic ideas and real world problems look no further than the Fabian Society Local Government and Housing Member Policy Group. We are dedicated to promoting and defending Fabian values with new and innovative thinking. It is our aim to advance ideas and exchange insight that will inform and shape the future of the left. Don’t forget you must join the Fabian Society in order to be eligible to join this member policy group of Britain’s oldest political think-tank. Click below and help contribute to the Fabian Society today.